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A Metaphysical Christmas Story

On the Unity blog, “Interpret This,” Rev. Ed Townley offers metaphysical interpretations of the Bible. The excerpt below is from an interpretation of Matthew 1:18-25—the Christmas story.

“…Metaphysically what we celebrate each Christmas is the birth of Christ awareness. What Jesus brought to us was a spark of new light, new possibility—light that shines through the darkness of human confusion and illuminates the spiritual truth of who we are. And it doesn't just happen once. Every Christmas is a new birth—a new opportunity for each of us to give birth to more of the light—and to commit ourselves to nurturing that light, trusting it, believing in its Presence within us, sending it forth with every choice we make to bring more of itself into expression—to create more, and more again, of the new consciousness with which each of us is miraculously pregnant—the consciousness Jesus describes as ‘the kingdom of heaven.’”

Click here to read the complete interpretation of the Christmas story or to request your own Bible verse interpretation.

A note from an “Interpret This” reader
“Thanks Rev Ed. Since I have been reading (Interpret This) and attending Unity I have come to experience the Bible as a tremendous source of wisdom and support in my life. Thanks for assisting in my understanding!”
–JF, Virginia

12 Powers2010: The Year of the Twelve Powers

Would you like to feel more fulfilled, centered and in charge of your life? Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, identified 12 spiritual gifts, which were expressed perfectly by Jesus and are present in every person. Beginning in January, a variety of resources will be offered free online to help you understand and apply one new power each month. Articles, affirmations, meditations, music and inspiring prayers will be available at www.unity.org/12powers. We invite you on this yearlong spiritual journey to tap into your divine power and more fully express the Christ within.

Unity.FM Special BroadcastUnity.FM Offers Special Broadcasts From the Parliament of the World's Religions

For the first time in history, 10 major New Thought organizations joined together to represent the New Thought movement at the world's largest interreligious gathering—the Parliament of the World's Religions.

Read about the New Thought delegation.

Hear special broadcasts from the Parliament on Unity.FM.

Merry Christmas From Unity!

Merry Christmas From Unity!

Unity’s poet laureate James Dillet Freeman loved Christmas. In fact, he once wrote that there were not four seasons each year, but rather five, to include Christmas. The following excerpt is from his book Once Upon a Christmas.

“Christmas is wonder and a magic, meant to cheer the heart. … Christmas makes us add a touch of color to our everyday rooms and everyday life and puts a bright green sprig on our front door as if we would say to all the world that there live in this house warm people who delight in beauty and believe in joy and want to share a little of it with you—you would be welcome if you should come in.

“The festival of wonder, Christmas above all celebrates imagination. … And that is what I hope Christmas will always be, the celebration of imagination, with its power to warm our heart on a snowy day and sprinkle glitter on a dark one, to give us the good will to wish a merry Christmas though there is not much to feel merry about, to give us the faith to believe that life is not humdrum existence, but is capable of unbelievable wonder, and in the stable that is the human heart, to know God himself may make His appearance.”

Find holiday photos, recipes, children’s artwork and Christmas poems from Unity.

Read this Unity Magazine® article about finding peace during the holiday season.

Listen to “The Soul of Christmas” on Unity.FM.

Explore Jesus in a contemporary context with the Unity House® DVD-set Jesus and the Awakening to God-Consciousness, featuring Deepak Chopra interviewed by Unity minister Wendy Craig-Purcell.

SpiritPath® Events at Unity Village:

January 15–16, 2010
Defy Gravity
Caroline Myss

Watch a video of Caroline Myss.

February 8–12, 2010
Be Peace Foundations Course
Rita Marie Johnson

Hear Rita Marie Johnson on a recent Unity.FM program.

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